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Do I need to be experienced before having singing lessons?

Not at all! I work with singers of all levels - people who have some experience and those who are just starting out from the beginning! Even if singing is something that you've just always wanted to try, I'm here to see where your curiosity could take you!

Do I need to be able to read music?

No, I am very happy to work with new students who don't yet read music, and our lessons will work on your physical understanding of your instrument. However, a lot of people find in the longterm that learning to read music alongside their singing lessons is really beneficial to their understanding. I am happy to teach you to read music, either as part of our singing lessons, or as a shorter session between singing lessons. If this is something you would like, let's discuss it!

What do the lessons consist of?

Singing Lessons consist of vocal exercises created by me to hone in on your particular vocal needs, body work, and of course work on repertoire (songs or opera arias). We work on vocal technique, language and articulation, creative expression, acting and body language. 
'Speaking With Confidence' sessions are also catered specifically for each person. We will complete vocal and physical exercises, and tasks to work on speech, body language and confidence.

Which ages do you teach?

I teach a wide range of ages: teenagers, children and adults! It's never too late to grow your confidence and discover your voice. With children, I tend to teach only from age 7, but if your child is highly interested in singing before this age and you feel they would benefit from lessons, don't hesitate to get in touch and discuss it with me. 
I absolutely love hearing from adult beginners who want to either try something new or finally explore a deep love of music and singing. I'm passionate about helping YOU live your passion!

How do online sessions work?

You can either book through the website or contact me personally. We will discuss what you are looking for through our work together, and you will be sent a link to my Zoom meeting room for the time you have booked. I am happy to take online bookings from all over the world.

Why take pop lessons from an opera singer?

Although the two genres are very different stylistically, it is important to learn a healthy vocal technique in order to keep your voice in good shape and to avoid straining it. Singing in the pop style whilst applying the principles of a healthy classical technique is an ideal combination. Also, there is much to be learned about expression and projection from opera singers, as opera is the only genre that does not rely on artificial amplification.

How can I book?

Sessions can be booked directly on the website, or you can email Olivia to discuss your booking.

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